Ceiling Hoists

Projects by Aidacare has extensive experience with the installation and user-acceptance of ceiling systems; developing the best solution for our clients and their patient needs.


About Our Ceiling Hoist Services

Patient handling is a necessary part of any Hospital and Aged Care environment and can also be strenuous and potentially dangerous for both patient and nurses or carers. We work closely with architects to ensure the best suited ceiling track systems are installed.

We use world-class brands such as LIKO and Prism to ensure the safety of everyone involved. Our systems are accompanied by accredited installation guidelines which allow us to work with a range of installers. We are an ISO 9001 accredited company and consistently provide high-quality outcomes for Australia’s largest Aged Care and Hospital providers.


No two installations are alike.
From design to final inspection, we have extensive experience dealing with many different installation substrates and scenarios. This leads to a consistent high-quality outcome for our clients and their varying patient needs.


We understand the complexities involved with the installation and use of ceiling hoists and can assist during early-stage specification and design to reduce risk and improve user- acceptance. We work with builders directly during construction to effortlessly install ceiling tracks into rooms/spaces as per client specification.


We offer training in risk assessment and transfer techniques specifically adapted for staff in Hospitals and Aged Care environments. Our Qualified Trainers work with Facility Operators and Staff on correct and safe usage of ceiling systems and available aids.

After Sales Support & Service

Once our ceiling systems have been commissioned, we work with Facility Operators to provide ongoing service and preventative maintenance to ensure safe working standards are met and appropriate asset lifecycles are maintained.

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